Official Opening of Mushroom Farm

The recently completed May Farm Mushroom facility near Littleport, Cambridgeshire was opened on Wednesday 21st October by Matt Simister, Commercial Director of Tesco.

The facility was built by G’s Growers in supply partnership with Tesco, to increase the availability of UK grown fresh mushrooms.

May Farm produces 165 tonnes of mushrooms each week, for sale through Tesco stores across the UK. The new farm created 300 new full time jobs and reduced food miles through bringing production to the UK for products that were previously sourced from Europe.

May Farm fits into a broader sustainability cycle within G’s Growers agricultural production, with excess heat and waste materials being reused in the agricultural process, creating a highly sustainable model.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Mayor of Ely, Lis Every, local councillors, investors, building contractors, equipment suppliers and G’s Growers members.

Construction of the farm started in 2012, with the building of 12 growing tunnels and associated facilities. The first mushrooms were picked in November of that year, and a further 12 tunnels were added in 2013. The most recent phase has just been completed, and the farm now comprises 48 tunnels, along with cold storage and packing facilities.

May Farm grows white button, closed cup and large flat mushrooms, which are hand-picked, 365 days per year. Mushrooms actually double in size every 24 hours, and even keep on growing once they are picked.

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