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From onions to celery, radish to mushrooms and a vast array of other crops, we supply all the major UK and many European retailers with fresh, tasty and healthy produce.

G’s are growers of the finest quality salads and vegetables

We believe our success is due to our focus. Working in partnership to meet our customers’ needs, staying ahead of consumer trends, continually investing and innovating means we are always striving to be better.

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We believe our attitude and commitment help us stay at the front.

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Fresh & Naked

We want our fresh and tender little leaves to stay that way… they’re unwashed because the less we do to them means less damage to their tender leaves, so they stay fresher and tastier for longer.

Discover our fantastic range of fresh unwashed salads here:

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Love Beets

‘Love Beets’™ – is our range of fresh infused, ready-to-eat beetroot products which are available in the UK, USA, South Africa and Australia.

The range comprises, cooked and infused beetroot as well as organic beetroot juices.

Beetroot Powder has recently been launched in the United States.

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Pascual Prestige

A range of premium quality salad products including tomatoes and citrus, marketed by Pascual Marketing, S.L.

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Fenland Celery

Winter Fenland celery is grown using traditional methods in the rich, peaty soil of the Fens. Renowned for its unique flavour, the celery is available from October to December.

Its special qualities have enabled us to gain Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status.

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Love Celery

Celery is tasty, crunchy and quick and easy to prepare. It’s perfect for busy modern lifestyles and good for you, too! Click here for fantastic recipe ideas and to find out more about the history, how it is grown and other interesting facts.

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Love Beetroot

Cooked beetroot is full of nutrients and health benefits. It is deliciously versatile, and adds a splash of colour to a wide variety of everyday dishes and recipes.

Click below to learn more about this amazing vegetable and see our selection of mouth-watering recipes.

We’ve also made our first ever beetroot video – an easy to follow demo of ‘Our Ultimate Beetroot & Chocolate Cake’ recipe – so if you’re in the mood for a tasty treat, click here to feast your eyes on the film.

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Love Radish

Crisp, crunchy radishes have a distinctive peppery bite. Radishes are really low in calories and fat, and as they are 95% water, they make a great snack.

Our recipe collection takes inspiration from deliciously simple culinary traditions from across the world, and is perfect for a variety of occasions.

Click here to find out more about the wonderful world of the radish, its history, health benefits and exciting ways to cook and eat it.

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Love Fresh

G’s Europe Chilled Foods division has facilities in Czech Republic, Holland and Spain producing a wide range of prepared salads, vegetables and snack products.

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Pascual® is the leading European brand for leafy salads, celery, spring onions, tomatoes and citrus products marketed by Pascual Marketing, S.L. The brand has been marketed across Europe since the 1950’s and since its beginnings has been synonymous with quality, freshness, health and innovation.

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Our premium dried mushrooms are foraged by experienced gatherers and air-dried for maximum flavour. You can use them to replace some or all of the fresh mushrooms in any dish, to give a more intense flavour.

Dried mushrooms are a great addition to soups and stews. Before use, simply soak in hot water for 20 minutes to unlock their intense flavour. Remove the mushrooms, chop and add to your favourite dishes. You can even use the soaking liquid as stock if you are making a risotto.


The G’s brand is the trade name by which the wholesale markets know our produce, and it is our guarantee of quality.

The ‘G’ originally stood for Guy (as in Guy Shropshire, the company’s founder), and the logo was established in its present form in 1984.

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Our O’live brand shows our passion for organic produce.

We have been farming organically for 16 years and have been committed to the benefits of looking after the environment around us for as long as we can remember.

We are enthusiastic about bringing you outstanding quality fresh produce. We grow and select only the best for you and your family.

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