Where will I be based?

Your job will be based in the UK, our farms in the East Anglia region.

Our main hostel is at Barway, near Ely, Cambridgeshire and we also have other sites nearby.

Is accommodation available?

In East Anglia, several styles of furnished accommodation are available, from hostel-style buildings, to Portacabins, caravans and houses, all with communal washing facilities. All rooms are equipped with a kettle and fridge freezer, and there are self-catering cooking facilities.

All of our sites offer sports facilities and social activities, themed parties and excursions throughout the UK.

All sites have coin operated laundry facilities, including washing machines and tumble dryers. On site vending machines provide drinks and snacks.

Accommodation at our sites is offered at £63.70 per week.


What utilities are in the rooms?

Each room is equipped with a kettle and fridge-freezer. Cooking is not allowed in the hostel rooms.

There is limited storage space per person, so please be mindful of this. Please bring a lock so you can safely store valuable items in your room.

Caravans have their own self-contained kitchen area, but you still need to bring your own cutlery.

What clothes should I bring?

Please bring your normal clothes depending on the weather/season – layers are always useful.

All mandatory personal protective equipment (PPE) is provided free of charge, and for people working in harvesting roles, full work clothing is provided. You should bring the rest with you.

What other items should I bring with me?

When you arrive, you will be given a bed sheet and a key for your room.
Please bring other bedding, cutlery, toiletries, a lock and any other personal items you require.

How much will I get paid?

All work is paid in line with the National Living Wage. Most jobs are paid by piecework which means the more you produce, the more money you can earn! Piecework rates vary according to the weather conditions and the crop.

When you arrive in the UK, we will help you organise a bank account. You will be paid weekly, one week in arrears and your wages are paid directly into your bank account. Holiday and sickness pay will be in accordance with UK employment legislation.

What training will I be given?

Full induction and training will be given, some of which will be available online prior to you starting. If you role requires it, you will be provided with personal protective equipment (PPE) when you arrive.

What happens if I need help or medical attention?

Your health and welfare are important to us. When you arrive in the UK, will register you with the local medical centre and residential wardens are available at all of our sites to offer help and support.

What happens after I have applied?

Once your application has been processed and you are successful, we will contact you via phone or email. You will be sent a job offer with the location of your role and the start and finish dates of your contract.