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Spring Onions are grown year round for export to the UK, with the bulk of production during October to May. Organic and Continental spring onions are also grown.


The sandy soil is perfect for growing radish which are exported to the UK and Europe, with the bulk of production during the winter period.


After being washed and packed, products are then shipped via fast boat from Dakar, arriving in the UK in 5-7 days.


Local wildlife is supported and monitored through biodiversity projects to increase habitats across the farm.


Prior to West Africa Farms being established, the local community were primarily subsistence farmers.

The establishment of WAF has enabled the community to develop local agriculture, producing over 200 Ha for local production with the provision of a constant water supply. WAF collegaues can also harvest any onions left on the farm (gleaning) for their own use.

The village has been developed by building a medical center and schools. A program of continuing annual support in areas such as health, education, culture and sport.


Over 2,000 local Jobs

Solar Powered Water Station

Community Farming

New School

Medical Centre

Gleaning Onions