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Our Mushrooms are cultivated in growing tunnels, taking up to 3 weeks from compost filling to harvest.

From each crop baby buttons are picked first, creating room for closed cups and then finally flats to grow.

On average 3 flushes (harvests) are picked over the life of the crop before we start the whole process again.


The button mushroom can be white or brown and it is most immature stage of the life cycle.

A challenging crop to harvest they make for excellent eating without the need to cut.


The white closed cup mushroom makes up around 60% of total mushroom consumption in Europe and is seen as versatile and constant in both flavour, texture and availability.


Offering greater flavour and a higher dry matter than their white cup cousins.

Their flavour is a savoury umami experience making them robust with usage purpose.


The most mature stage of the mushroom life cycle these can be white or brown (portobello) and pack the strongest umami flavour and a lot of texture.


We grow and pack a range of exotics including Shiitake, Oyster, Eryngii, Beech, Maitake and more.

Grown on a compost of wood fibre these offer amazing flavours.


We offer a range of sliced and diced mushrooms.

Quality is key and our unique 1 touch method alongside dry slicing and unique packaging deliver a ‘just sliced’ quality.